Taekwondo Picture

I took up Badminton as my CCA since I was Primary 3, and played an important role in the team. I am proud to have been selected as the Most Valuable Player of the year 2013 during Primary 6. My badminton journey in primary school was very memorable as I had lots of fun competing in competitions alongside with my teammates. Even though we faced setbacks during the competitions, we persevered and pressed on without giving up. Badminton was my Secondary school CCA as well, and I was glad to be part of the Executive Committee of our team as we went through thick and thin together.


Taekwondo Picture

With Taekwondo being the sport I enjoy the most, I have participated in numerous competitions since young. Other than teaching self-defense, Taekwondo teaches me self-discipline and respect as well, and builds my confidence while strengthening my mind and body at the same time. Some of my notable achievements include:

  • 8th - National Taekwondo Championship 2011
  • 1st - National Inter-School Game 2012
  • 4th - National Taekwondo Championships 2012 (Team)
  • 8th - National Taekwondo Championships 2012
  • 6th - National Inter-School Game 2018


Linking Memory Competition

When I was 4 years old, I participated in a speed linking memory competition hosted by Shichida Method, an enrichment center that pushes young children's brain memory to their maximum potential. In my category, I am glad to have clinched the first place among other competitors from locally and abroad.